We take pride in providing the best and most conscientious driving instruction available.

  • Skip the long wait to schedule at DPS! Text 979-529-8816 if you need same day scheduling.
  • Make an appointment with us by texting 979-529-8816, email at, or call the office at 979-299-0030 and leave a voicemail if we are out.
  • OR register on-line below but you must get a call back confirming the date/time is available.
  • We test seven days a week. Contact us if you need a time before 10 and we will attempt to accommodate you. We schedule on the hour and between the paperwork and testing, plan on being here about 45 minutes. You can make your appointment to turn in the results to DPS on the same day if you choose an early enough time.
  • Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) site for teens (16+) and adults!
  • This is the road skills test for your LICENSE!
  • All persons testing MUST have a restricted license from DPS.
  • The testing is only done at our Lake Jackson office at 248 Plantation Drive.
  • If paying with a card, you must pay through the website. On-site is only exact cash with a receipt issued.
  • Text 979-529-8816, email or call 979-299-0030 for more information.
  • This is only for Class C (regular license) testing. We are not licensed to do CDL testing. If you are looking for a commercial testing facility, please contact DPS.


What exactly is Third Party Testing?

The Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program was implemented September 1, 2014 authorizing Commercial Driver Education schools that meet requirements set by the Department to administer the driving skills examination.

Statutory Authority 37 Texas Administrative Code, Section 15.62

How does this benefit you?  It means that you don’t have to go to DPS to take the Road Skills Test (driving test) if you meet the eligibility requirements for your age group! It also means that you can schedule your test sooner, it’s less stressful, more private, and if you have previously taken the Road Skills Test at a Texas DPS Office, but failed, you can retest at a TPST site without a long wait for another test date at DPS. Once you take the road test, we package everything, and you take it to DPS for processing.

How do I proceed?

In order to test with a Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) authorized school you must:

  • Be age 16+ years of age, must have held a valid learner license for a minimum of six months , completed an approved commercial Teen or Parent Taught Driver Education in full, and completed the Impact Texas Teen Drivers video (takes 2 hours—cert will be emailed to you for you to print out)
  • Be 18-24 years of age, must have completed the adult driver education course (6 hour course), have been processed through DPS and received a restricted driver license, and completed the Impact Texas Adult Drivers video (takes 1 hour—cert will be emailed to you for you to print out)
  • Be 25 years of age or older, have a current restricted driver license, and completed the Impact Texas Adult Drivers video (1 hour—cert will be emailed to you for you to print out)

All drivers, regardless of age, must go to the DPS website and complete the appropriate Impact Video. These are FREE. You must print out the certificate and bring with you. Impact certificates are good for 90 days only.


We are here to assist you!

Step 1:  Determine which group you qualify under:  Teen (if you took the teen class then you must go by the rules for teen class), Adult 18-24, Adult 25+

Step 2: Review the checklist and make certain you have all required documents

Step 3:  You may pay the required fees online.

Step 4: YOU MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION CALL FOR DATE/TIME.  We test during the week and the weekend as well.

Step 5:  Show up 10 minutes PRIOR to scheduled exam and park before the parallel parking standards on the side (you should be facing Plantation Drive).

Step 6:  Bring in all required documents for approval.

Step 7:  Examiner will check for all required documents, have you sign the DL40, check your insurance (current/no exclusion & must match VIN # on registration date sticker on vehicle), and the following on the vehicle: two plates ATTACHED (front/back—both attached at least 12” from ground—no IN TRANSIT plates), horn, L/R signal lights in front/back, three working brake lights, examiners door must open, seatbelts, and vehicle must be free of excessive debris.

Step 8:  If all is in order, the driving skills test will be given. Examiner will explain what to expect so please ask any questions BEFORE the test begins as once it is started no questions can be answered.


We strive to reduce stress for the student by being clear with all directions and being overall friendly and polite.

Items you will be tested over:

*Right turns, left turns with/without stop sign intersections
*Intersections with Lights
*Right of Way

*Control of Vehicle
*Backing /Reversing

*PARALLEL PARKING ( Provided at Gulf Coast Driving Academy – Lake Jackson. You may practice as much as necessary).

Step 9:  Upon returning to the testing site, park in the back of the lot in the grassy area. Examiner will review your test and, if you passed, you will come inside to get your paperwork in a SEALED, SECURE envelope. DO NOT OPEN THIS ENVELOPE OR DPS WILL NOT TAKE YOUR RESULTS!

Step 10:  Take the sealed envelope to your local DPS office to receive your unrestricted driver’s license!


Please review below:


If you took the Teen Course:

Must have held Class C restricted permit a minimum of six months (can test the day AFTER the date on the back of your permit), be at least 16 and have completed in full both classroom & driving requirements. You will bring your DE964 and Impact Teen certificate. Bring a VOE from your public/private school. You must bring a copy of insurance on the vehicle you are using for the road skills test. You do NOT have to be listed on the insurance (you cannot be excluded). All documents must be current and unexpired. The same parent/guardian must accompany you both at TPST site and at DPS to turn in your paperwork. We can test without the VOE and 30 hour parent log but you can bring them if you want all forms inside your packet.


If you took the 18-24 years of age Course:

Must have completed the required 18-24 year old six hour course. Bring your ADE certificate of course completion (do not let DPS keep this when you get your restricted license or bring a Xerox copy), your class C restricted license, the Impact Adult certificate, and a copy of insurance on the vehicle you are using for the road skills test. You do NOT have to be listed on the insurance (you cannot be excluded). All documents must be current & unexpired.

If you are 25+ years of age:

Class C restricted license, Impact Adult certificate, copy of vehicle insurance for the road skills test. You do NOT have to be listed on the insurance (you cannot be excluded). All documents must be current & unexpired.

Got Questions?

Contact us in Lake Jackson at 1-(979) 299-0030.


Complete Registration

Registration and payment must be completed before taking the test. If you do not prepay via our website, we will accept cash only before the test will be scheduled. If you pay online, you are not confirmed until we contact you. Your financial institution may process on-line payments as GCDA LLC, PayPal, or Gulf Coast Driving Academy.

You may check a preferred day of week for testing and our instructors will contact you and will attempt to schedule the most convenient day and time available.


Make a Payment

Your online payment insures PRIORITY REGISTRATION.

Payment Options

Road Skills TEST- $105.00 if paid online or $100 if paying CASH

Use of GCDA Vehicle – $55 if paid online or $50 if paying CASH

Reschedule Fee for less than 48 hour notice/cancellation- $35 CASH



Choose option in drop down menu.

Course Payment Information

Third Party Testing

Secure payments made with any debit/credit card accepted by PayPal.

  • No need to register a PayPal account.
  • Enter Student Name AND PHONE #
  • Click Add to Cart
Fees for Third Party Testing
Adult's Phone Number
Name, date, time Requested
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