In addition to our traditional classes, we are offering ONE WEEK classes during the summer, Christmas break, and spring break. These are typically from 9am-3pm for 5 days and from 9-11am the last day. Students can get their permit on the second day day but cannot begin driving lessons until the classroom is complete. They will still have 90 days to sign up for their required driving lessons. Students will bring their lunch and snacks to class daily. This class is best suited for students who grasp concepts quickly, can stay on task, and have a busy schedule. It will be held at the Lake Jackson location only. We must have at least 7 students to hold this class.

Do NOT sign your student up for ANY teen course until you verify with the attendance clerk at their school that they can get a VOE as required by DPS!

Students must be at least 15, have a certified or original birth certificate, social security card, OR they can use a passport. Obtain a VOE (verification of enrollment) from their public/private/homeschool. They don’t need any of these documents for class, they need them when they go to DPS to turn in their paperwork for their permit. Their VOE expires in 30 days so get it before the first week of class or, if taking this class during the summer, get it the last week of the school year. It will be good all summer if you are taking a summer class with us.

After six hours of class, students take their written test with us and can go get their permit from DPS!

The traditional classroom portion is over in 16 days! The driving should be finished by 90 days and  the driving lessons required by DPS will be done with GCDA if they took the entire course!

Students or parents can chose the day/time for their in-vehicle lessons from our weekly driving list by coming in or calling! We generally drive seven days a week: after school, and on weekends during the school year and throughout the day in the summer! Our schedule is usually two weeks out for sign ups.

Students can take the full course, only the classroom, or only the driving portion. The classroom has an actual instructor to facilitate student learning, not computers!

We take credit/debit online and cash in the office. There is a $50 non-refundable fee if you request a refund after the 3rd business day of receipt of payment.

GCDA is an approved DPS Third Party Skills Tester so we can offer the road skills test for the actual license but it is an additional fee. You can also our vehicle if you test with us but, since we assume the insurance liability, it is an extra fee.

There are no set office hours because we are in and out throughout the day giving private lessons and driver license road skills tests. Our phone may go to answering mode. You are welcome to leave a message for us to return your call when back in the office. If you need a response sooner, you can TEXT 979-529-8816 or email as these are monitored when we are out of office.

Upon completion of the course, students are given all certificates and information regarding what they will need to get their license when eligible. These documents need to be put in a safe place as it is currently $40 cash to re-issue a DE964 certificate.

Want to drive?

Without taking some form of driver education, you can’t get a license until you’re 25.
Here’s what it takes to get your license if you are UNDER 18.


Driver's Education

Your Teen Driving course needs to be completed within 3 months.
If it takes longer, you’ll need to sign a variance and pay an additional fee.

  • Depending on the time of year, the classroom portion may be held different days of the week so check to see whether it is a 4 week class, 3 week class, or 1 week class.
  • Students are given 90 days to complete the driving portion required for the course. Depending on their motivation and skills, they may complete the driving much sooner.
  • We offer a discount if you are paying with cash in full.
  • You may pay two installments with cash but there is no discount. Driving can be scheduled after paying in full and when students have their permit.
  •  You must get a receipt for any cash transactions.

Click to learn more or register for Teen Driver courses.

Lake Jackson   Angleton


Get a Learner's Permit

Students must be at least 15 and a parent/guardian must take them to DPS.
Do not go until you have all the documentation below:

  • Certified or original birth certificate (no hospital, Xerox, or laminated copies)
  • Social Security Card (not just the number)
  • VOE (Verification of Enrollment) from current public/private school. If they failed or are having to make up hours they possibly may not be eligible to receive one and VOE’s are only good for 30 days (except for the summer.) DPS requires this to issue a permit!!! If you’re not certain your child is eligible, check with their school before enrolling them.
  • Present or past photo ID (can use old school ID)*some DPS require, others don’t
  • $16.00 (or current cost)
  • DE964 (furnished by GCDA)
  • DL14B (form provided by GCDA)
  • TX Proof of Residency (form provided by GCDA)—parent/guardian must bring two proofs of residency with their physical address (no P.O. Box) dated between 30-90 days. It must have the same name and address on both.

After passing the vision test at DPS, students will have their thumbprint and photo taken. A paper permit will be issued with an expiration date on it but the permanent copy should come in the mail before it expires. The permanent copy will expire on the student’s 18th birthday.


Last Steps

  • To get their license, a student has to have finished drivers education, have held their permit a MINIMUM of six (6) months AND must be at least 16 (unless they are turning 18 before the six months is up).
  • Once eligible to get a license, students will either contact DPS to schedule the driving exam OR they may take the driving exam with Gulf Coast Driving Academy (requires an additional fee). The driving skills test fee is NOT included in the teen driving contract. If scheduling with Gulf Coast Driving Academy, they will receive the route in advance as well as vehicle requirements.
  • Required documents to take the road test are: Permit, DE964 certificate, ITTD certificate, paper copy of current insurance, Verification of Enrollment or Diploma, 30 hour parent Log, and bring your parent.
  • Students must furnish the vehicle to take the driving skills exam in and they will have to show proof of current insurance on that vehicle. If testing with us, they may use our vehicle and our insurance for an additional fee since we assume liability.
  • The driving test is offered at our Lake Jackson location only. We can test any teen whether they took the course with us or not.

Work hard to learn in the classroom and in your practice driving and you’ll do great on the driving test!

Congratulations, New Driver!

Obtaining your driving license can be a joyous rite of passage for most teens.   We believe driving is a privilege that is to be taken seriously and our goal is to train all our students to be safe, responsible and to respect the independence driving provides.

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