Want to drive?

Without taking some form of driver education, you can’t get a license until you’re 25.
Here’s what it takes to get your license if you are UNDER 18.


Driver's Education

Your Teen Driving course needs to be completed within 3 months.
If it takes longer, you’ll need to sign a variance and pay an additional fee.

  • 32 hours instruction in the classroom (16 sessions)
  • Classes run M-F (+ 1 Saturday) for THREE consecutive weeks.
  • 14 hours instruction in a vehicle
  • 7 hours behind the wheel driving / 7 hours observing
  • 30 hours behind the wheel with a licensed adult driver in the passenger seat. (10 of these hours at night and ALL of the hours documented)

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Get a Learner's Permit

Students must be at least 15 and a parent/guardian must take them to DPS.
Do not go until you have all the documentation below:

  • Certified or original birth certificate (no hospital version, Xerox, or laminated copies)
  • Social Security Card (not just the number)
  • VOE (Verification of Enrollment) from current public/private school (if having to make up hours they possibly may not be eligible to receive this as it requires compliance with attendance laws. VOE’s are only good for 30 days.)
  • Present or past photo ID (if available)
  • $16.00 (or current cost)
  • DE964 (furnished by GCDA)
  • DL14A (furnished by GCDA)
  • DL40 (furnished by GCDA)
  • TX Proof of Residency (form provided by GCDA)—parent/guardian must bring two proofs of residency with their physical address (no P.O. Box) dated between 30-90 days. It must have the same name and address on both.

After passing the vision test at DPS, students will have their thumbprint and photo taken. A paper permit will be issued with an expiration date on it but the permanent copy should come in the mail before it expires. The permanent copy will expire on the student’s 18th birthday.


Last Steps

  • A student has to hold their permit a MINIMUM of six (6) months or 16 years of age (whichever is LONGEST) unless they are turning 18 before the six months is up.
  • Once eligible to get a license, students will contact DPS to schedule the driving exam.
  • They will bring their DE964, 30 hour log, VOE, Impact Texas Teen Drivers certificate, and their permit.
  • Students must furnish the vehicle to take the driving skills exam in and they will have to show proof of current insurance on that vehicle.

Work hard to learn in the classroom and in your practice driving and you’ll do great on the driving test!

Congratulations, New Driver!

Obtaining your driving license can be a joyous rite of passage for most teens.   We believe driving is a privilege that is to be taken seriously and our goal is to train all our students to be safe, responsible and to respect the independence driving provides.